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As you all know I've been on a journey with my spray tan business and searching for my next step and the wellness component that I've felt drawn to so strongly. Along this journey I've met some amazing people and learned so much. My quest for knowledge is ever growing. I wanted to add more to my business and help as many people in the process. I've considered expanding, adding on different wellness beds, I even debated going into nails, hair and lashes at one point. Nothing felt like the right fit.


As you all know I'm very much about all natural, organic and healthy products. Many of you know that I'm highly allergic to a lot of different things which is how I started spray tanning people with only the highest quality products. I've always stood behind the products I share because I've done my research and I've tested them on myself. I've always encouraged you all to use organic or all natural products as much as possible, not only because of the reaction to the spray tan but because I genuinely care about your health and wellness. I yearn to help people in so many ways.


After I was introduced to a woman in my networking group, she shared with me some of her products and honestly I was skeptical. Tons of people have offered me makeup and hair products and such and I usually smile and nod and never look back at the product again. I've been a hardcore Juice Beauty and Proactiv user for over 10 years. No one could convince me to change my mind. I loved my organic makeup and CC cream and I would never switch to anything for washing my face ever... Way too risky. A year ago I had an allergic reaction to a supplement that I tried out. I only used it for 2 days but the affects have unfortunately stayed with me. My reaction was so bad that my eyes swelled shut and my entire right side of my face was unrecognizable. In a matter of a day I went from someone with flawless skin to someone afraid to leave the house. I was devastated, I tried everything to get rid of the huge pimples on my face. I went to a dermatologist for help. They had to give me 4 injections of cortisone in my face. I went back several times for treatment but still I had one cyst left under my right eye that wouldn't go away. I tried masks, detoxifying products, every Proactiv product they had, I even went to a plastic surgeon. I was embarrassed and nothing seemed to make it better and on occasion my face would just break out really badly on the one side of my face for no reason. I felt defeated, my once beautiful skin seemed lost forever. While I tried my best to hide this and most didn't notice, I still felt scarred for life.


In walks Janelle, a nice lady that told me about her story with her struggle with acne and I was intrigued. She shared some of her facial products with me and I was very hesitant, after all Proactiv was the only thing keeping my face clear at the moment. She told me that Proactiv blocks your pores from being able to excrete oils and if I stopped using it my skin would over produce the oils it's been prevented from releasing. I was shocked by this... How did I never hear this? I started to wonder if maybe this cyst was blocked from secreting because of my Proactiv.... I thought ok.... Let's give it a try.... Let me tell you it was a rough week with the breakouts but I will say this .. I almost called Janelle in tears last night because for the first time this thing on my face was not only diminishing but it was almost gone. I was ecstatic, elated, exhaulted and some other "E" words. I just wanted to scream at the top of my lungs!! Now, this may all seem superficial and yes there are bigger problems in the world but for me, my face is my business. How could I represent the beauty industry with confidence if I didn't feel confident? These products literally changed my life, changed my perspective and has restored a long lost hope of beautiful clear skin and in turn my confidence. I'm not here to sell anyone, I just wanted to share my story of my progress through these amazing products.


In my search for a greater purpose and desire to help others and grow my business, I've found Arbonne! After trying the shampoo, conditioner, RE9 products, makeup, lotions and of course the best mascara I've ever used.... I'm obsessed. I'm all about anti-aging products that do not contain chemicals and parabens. By far I'm blown away by the things I've tried.I'm always allergic to new things on my skin but the calm line was amazing on my skin and left it soft and clear. I know Arbonne has tons of products in all areas of the body but for me the skincare is amazing!I don't ever put my name on anything that I don't support 100% and because of my success with my skin I can say as a satisfied customer that I love Arbonne and what they have done for my skin. This is the wellness from the inside out that I've been searching for so long. 

Glow from the inside out with My Summer Glow and Arbonne!


Thank you all for your constant love and support!


Ashley Eve Summer My Summer Glow

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