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About Ashley Eve Levan (Sommer)

Born in Harrisburg, PA I am a central PA resident. I wasn't always in this state, I moved to Florida when I was 3 and stayed there for 13 years and then we moved to NC and the back to PA. I'm a lover of warm weather and enjoy being down south and miss all the beautiful sunshine. So, I've brought some sunshine with me in my spray tan bottle. :) I'm a mom of a 4 year old boy that's my heart and soul. He's truly my driving force every day, I want to create the most beautiful life for my son as possible.

To earn some extra cash on the side I started doing mobile tanning, I was travelling for fitness competitions and bridal parties and even girls night out. My business got so busy that I was spending so much time one the road that I decided to get my own space. This is my second year spray tanning and I am so grateful for all of my loving customers that keep coming back.

I've grown my business from a side gig to a full blown career in as little as 6 months. I would love to share with you how I did this with Google optimization, ask me and I can help your  business grow too.

I still felt like I wanted more of a wellness component in my salon that I wasn't sure how to achieve that. In one of my networking groups I met an Arbonne consultant and she told me about the amazing skincare and makeup lines that they had. I wasn't convinced until I tried various things. A year ago I had an allergic reaction to a supplement and I had a severe outbreak on my face to the point that my eyes swelled shut and I had cysts on my face. I was devastated, how could I represent the face of beauty and look like a monster. I didn't even want to leave the house. I kept going to the dermatologist and they just kept giving me shots that didn't really solve the problem. After a year of detoxing my body and trying everything I finally gave up with one permanent cyst on my face. Most people have said that they never saw it but I knew it was there and it bothered me so much.


Then my Arbonne friend told me something that I never heard before, she told me that Proactiv blocks your sebaceuos skin cells from excreting your natural oils. This blew my mind, how could I be putting something on my face that intentionally blocks my oils? A light bulb went off... So now I was intrigued to try her skincare products. I tried the Calm Line and after 3 days my face was so mad at me because it finally had a chance to excrete all of those oils it was holding onto. After day 5, I was in tears because the cyst on my face that I had been fighting with for over a year was almost completely gone. By this point I was completely convinced and ready to try more products.

I love their skincare and makeup line but what is really amazing is that these are the only products that I've found that don't react with spray tan. The deodorant doesn't turn your arm pits black like other deodorants and the lotion doesn't strip your color. I only stand behind products that I trust because I've used them myself. I'm very allergic to a lot of things so I have to be careful about the things I put on my skin. That's why I choose botanical based, gluten free, nut free, paraben free products. If you want learn more please visit my Arbonne page.



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